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FOCUS MONEY considers H/W/S to be one of the best tax consulting firms in Germany.

Late February 2016, the editors of the business magazine FOCUS MONEY conducted a survey of around 10,000 tax consulting firms throughout Germany. The survey gathered information on qualifications, specialization, success and specialized expertise in the form of a wide array of tax consulting questions. We are pleased that we were successful and were included in the list of the 100 best major German tax consulting firms.

Please download the complete FOCUS MONEY test here.


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H/W/S Group received an award from Handelsblatt for being one of the top tax consulting firms in the Stuttgart area!

The Social Sciences Insitute Schad (S.W.I.) conducted a survey on behalf of the Handelsbatt to identify the top tax consulting firms in Germany's ten largest cities. More than 5,700 tax consultants were invited to participate in the survey; of that number 1,500 completed the S.W.I. survey.

More information can be accessed here:

H/W/S also supported VfB Stuttgart during the 2015/2016 Bundesliga season and remains an official business partner.

We wish our team great successes and all of the team's fans lots of fun at the VfB matches.


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H/W/S receives for the second time the TOP JOB Award

H/W/S has exceptional qualities as employer. To this end, we received the acknowledged "Top Job" award of the hands of Wolfgang Clement. The "Top Job" -Mentor honored us at the German SME Summit on 26 June in Essen for our achievements. It is the 2nd award as top employer for H/W/S.

Prof. Dr. Heike Bruch and her team from the Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management at the University of St. Gallen surveyed before the staff and the personnel manager of the company. Decisive for the award of the seal are three factors in particular: the satisfaction of employees with their work environment, their identification with the company and its products and the quality of leadership.

"Our employees are very proud on the award of the known, Top Job seal", says Managing Director Ingo Haug "and we are delighted that our commitment to the workforce is so honored. Of course, we are using the `Top job analysis' to expand our employer qualities further. Because we know that engaged employees are the key success factor for our company."

Leadership, human resources, motivation and employee identification count

The Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management at the University of St. Gallen headed by Prof. Dr. Heike Bruch analyzed the participants. Firstly, the researchers interviewed the staff lines to the Human Resources methods and tools used. Secondly, they carried out an employee survey. The employees gave information on the quality of leadership, the degree of motivation and identification with the company and its products.

Just over half of the participating companies are family businesses. Among the top employers are 25 national leader. On average, the companies employ 363 staff.


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Ingo Haug, Beatrix Dreher and Wolfgang Clement at the presentation of the TOP JOB AwardIngo Haug, Beatrix Dreher and Wolfgang Clement at the presentation of the TOP JOB Award 2015

Winner of the H/W/S 2014 Art Prize has been announced

The jury selected Ms. Yingji Yang as this year's winner

The jury, consisting of Ms. Abt-Straubinger, Dr. Küster, Dr. Scheller, Mr Müller and Mr. Fischer, were entrusted with the responsibility of selecting a winner from 69 art folders. In the end, Ms. Yingji Yang was able to win over the jury with her series of images. Second place was awarded to Ms. Wanda Stolle and third place was awarded to Mr. Magnus Sönning. In addition to the award of € 3,000, we are providing Ms. Yang the opportunity to exhibit her works at H/W/S GmbH & Co. KG.

We congratulate the winner and runner-ups to their success.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all other applicants for their participation and their contribution to the H/W/S Art Prize and wish you all the best and much continued success.

Due to the great success of this program, we will be repeating the H/W/S Art Prize in the coming year.

H/W/S is one of the best employers

TOP JOB Award for the company from Stuttgart

This is the first time that H/W/S GmbH & Co. KG has been one of the companies to receive the award. The Institute for Management and HR at the University of St. Gallen extensively interviewed the employees and HR of all applicants. As a mentor in company competition, Wolfang Clement awarded all winners the TOP JOB seal of approval on 31st January.

Our company is established in a sector in which employees do not necessarily expect to have a lot of fun. That is not the case at H/W/S: the company from Stuttgart with around 85 employees scored points in the TOP JOB analysis in the ‘Leadership & Vision’ and ‘Motivation & Dynamic’ categories in particular, because employees enjoying their work is a major concern for the management. A generation change some years ago gave us the impetus to take a whole new direction. ‘Training’, ‘Enterprise’, ‘Open communication’ and ‘Fun’, or ‘fuks’ are the four elements which characterise the company philosophy today. The management principles and the company mission statement were discussed and formulated by department heads and employees in the context of a ‘fuks day’.

We are all one team

Professional support helped the office to organise things in a more up-to-date way and to systematically improve the management qualities of individual partners. ‘fuks’ is based on team thinking, as the slogan clearly states: ‘we are one team’. “Our aim is that employees arrive at the office with a smile and have fun at work”, explains Fischer.

“The TOP JOB Award is both an accolade and a motivation, for the entire management as well as for employees” Fischer continues, explaining: “We have already achieved so much together in terms of a pleasant and motivational working environment. The award and recognition from the detailed analysis of our HR work has now given us a real push to forge ahead on this successful path.”


TOP JOB Award 2013 für H/W/S


Verleihung TOP JOB Award 2013 für H/W/S durch Wolfgang Clement am 31. JanuarMarc-Uwe Fischer, Beatrix Dreher, Kathrin Fischer and Wolfgang Clement at the presentation of the TOP JOB Award 2013