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The ‘golden rules’ - the spirit of H/W/S

Our teamwork and our employees are defined by our vision and our ‘golden rules’.

We are a successful combination of different employees (who are highly motivated, reliable, flexible and trustworthy), specialist knowledge and a professional image which recognises clients’ needs in advance and fulfils them. We gain trust through professionalism, perfectionism, passion and solution-oriented creativity. We never lose sight of our important goal: our clients’ satisfaction and trust comes first.

Positive dynamics, transparency and feedback at all levels mean that our communication is open and honest. Even the management has an ‘open door policy’.

Mutual trust, respect for, and loyalty to, others characterises our collaboration.

We place great emphasis on a liberal-minded attitude, initiative, accountability and high motivation amongst our employees. Individual strengths are promoted and developed further.


The ‘golden rules’ - the spirit of H/W/S