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F for Fortbildung (Training)


does not have to mean the same thing as ‘sending’ employees to seminars or other events. H/W/S focuses almost exclusively on in-house training. There is a good reason for this. Experience shows that in-house training methods lead to a higher degree of communication. Problems can be approached more substantially, and solutions can be found in direct relation to our own clients. We either use our own lecturers or bring in knowledge from the outside. This not only ensures the quality of the consultation, it also establishes a broad basis for the economic potential.

Vocational training

The topic of vocational training holds a prominent position in the H/W/S company structure concept. Of course, specialist tax accountants are trained, but so are students from the Baden Württemberg Cooperative State University, studying tax and auditing, and graduates who have completed a placement with H/W/S during their training and now wish to start their career.

Trainee programme

Furthermore, the firm has a special trainee programme designed for employees. A professional or managing director is always the mentor during the two-year tailored training programme. The programme includes the classic areas of client accounting, tax returns, year-end accounts and auditing and also includes targeted involvement in projects, such as the acquisition or evaluation of companies.