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K for Kommunikation (Communication)

All communication at H/W/S should be as open as possible. To this end, the ‘fuks blog’ was set up in 2010. It is designed to promote internal communication and publishes any changes, deadlines, facts and figures. Even specialist internal topics are discussed here. All external offices have access to it too and can also provide entries, thereby helping to develop and form the company culture.

Open communication on ‘fuks day’

A further keystone of communication is the annual ‘fuks day’ held in the summer. Management and employees do not meet at the company but at a special location, which changes each year. The management gives detailed information about company development, new strategies and organisational changes, and new or particularly interesting clients are introduced. Open communication is the focus here too. Figures are also published as are forthcoming changes to the management. Stage goals achieved are then discussed together in a group and new targets are developed.

Formative input in ‘fuks development’

Formative input from employees is the idea behind fuks, and the latest ideas for internal communication are also aimed at ‘fuks development’.

A few employees spend several hours in casual intervals, generally on a monthly basis, when they really get to grips with specialist or organisational problems. There are solution-oriented discussions in a committed work atmosphere. Newly developed concepts are much more readily accepted by employees and implemented than solutions which often do not take the details of daily work into consideration. The employees themselves decide which problems will be discussed in ‘fuks development’. Of course, the management ‘may’ suggest topics and be informed of the results of discussions.

‘fuks development’ shows to a great extent that the company culture is also expressed by employees. ‘fuks’ is the founding principle for leading and forming company culture through employees. Hierarchies are permeable, and suggestions and improvements are passed on in both directions.

Visualisierung: offene Kommunikation